Merchandise signing


Glasgow Warriors do not offer donations to any charity or fundraising events, unless approved by the Scottish Rugby Charity Policy. 


  • Glasgow Warriors are happy to support the signing of kit by the squad, where it may add value to a charity or fundraising event
  • Signings will occur periodically throughout the season, to ensure all squad members have the opportunity to sign
  • Kit should be pre-purchased and sent in (by post or person) to Glasgow Warriors offices to the following address: FAO Glasgow Warriors, Level 2, Scotstoun Stadium, 112 Danes Drive, G14 9HD
  • All kit requires contact details of the owner enclosed within it (name, contact number, address)
  • If you have posted your kit, please enclose a pre-paid self-addressed envelope. Glasgow Warriors are not able to cover any additional cost of returning the kit
  • Kit should be sent in prior to the periodic deadline listed below
  • All kit will be signed after the deadline and returned to the owner by the club within 14 days of the deadline


Period for Kit to be sent into Glasgow Warriors

Deadline for Kit to be received

Window for kit to be returned to owner

8th January – 20th January 2018

Friday 20th January 2018

30th January – 6th February 2018

16th April 2018 – 30th April 2018

Friday 30th April 2018

7th May – 14th May 2018